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In 1989, in a conversation at the Chelsea Arts Club, with Peter Peterson RBA, Sandra Pepys (then chair of the Society of Landscape Painters), Dennis Gilbert NEAC, Cinzia Bonada RBA and others it was mentioned that many of them often painted small scale works and that it would be good idea if there were a forum for exhibiting such works. The potential membership was discussed and a shortlist of names agreed on and the Small Paintings Society - subsequently renamed the Small Paintings Group - was founded. More...

Membership consists of a maximum of 35 artists, many of whom also belong to other exhibiting societies - NEAC, RWS, RBA and others - and of course paint on a much larger scale as well. The paintings exhibited with the SPG are limited to 12" by 12" or 144 square inches in area and may be in any medium.


Newly Elected Members - 2024

Congratulations to our newly elected members. Brief details are given below; click the image for full biographical details...

Rachel Arif MAFA ASWA

Rachel is an award-winning artist originally from Rochdale, Lancashire. She currently lives in London with her husband and two children. She is a regular exhibitor at Mall Galleries, where she has shown her work alongside The Royal Society of British Artists, NEAC, the SWA and The Pastel Society, each on several occasions.

Rachel is better known for her atmospheric sea and landscapes, which are gestural, heartfelt and emotional.

Richard Baker

Richard Baker (b. 1971) lives and works in Leeds, UK. He holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University and an MA in Creative Practice from Leeds Arts University. His work has been exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, including at museums in China, The San Francisco Arts Institute, the National Museum of Poland in Gdansk, the Mall Galleries, London, and the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Richard Baker’s small to medium scale oil paintings depict mid-century furniture and sometimes clothing, or other items. Reimagined from found photographs, these unpeopled and modestly scaled works invite the viewer to consider the hidden human histories behind seemingly insignificant objects.

Lisa Graa Jensen RI

Lisa loves painting people and animals involved in everyday life and domestic activities in a colourful and cheerful way. A few years living in rural France and on a narrowboat provide many an inspiration. Now based in Wimbledon, rows of terraced homes and allotments, horse riding and dog walking on the Common are current themes.

She went to Camberwell School of Art obtaining a BA with Honours. Elected to the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours in 1996 and the Society of Graphic Fine Artists in 2015.

Rosalind Robinson RWA SWA

Studied Fine Art at Hornsey College of Art and Waltham Forest School of Art 1968 - 1972. Went on to train as a Scenic Artist at BBC Television Centre in White City before pursuing a long career as a mural painter, working throughout the UK, the Channel Islands, Italy and Sweden.

Now paints exclusively from her studio in Wiltshire making paintings concerned with the direct gaze and the emotive qualities of facial expressions, posing questions about time and place and suggesting a narrative.

Ivy Smith

My work is mainly about people, but also still-life and landscape, particularly the watery landscape of East Anglia. I work in oils, watercolour and print (linocut and etching), underpinned by drawing.

I studied at Chelsea and the Royal Academy Schools (RA Gold Medal), and live in Norfolk.

A Selection of our Members Work

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