The Small Paintings Group

In 1989, in a conversation at the Chelsea Arts Club, with Peter Peterson RBA, Sandra Pepys (then chair of the Society of Landscape Painters), Dennis Gilbert NEAC, Cinzia Bonada RBA and others it was mentioned that many of them often painted small scale works and that it would be good idea if there were a forum for exhibiting such works. The potential membership was discussed and a shortlist of names agreed on and the Small Paintings Society - subsequently renamed the Small Paintings Group - was founded.

Membership consists of a maximum of 35 artists, many of whom also belong to other exhibiting societies - NEAC, RWS, RBA and others - and of course paint on a much larger scale as well. The paintings exhibited with the SPG are limited to 12" by 12" or 144 square inches in area and may be in any medium.

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Virtual Exhibition 2021

The Small Paintings Group are hosting a virtual exhibition of work by members on their website during July and August.

Tom Coates RWS PPNEAC RP PPPS will also be exhibiting with us as an invited artist.

This exhibition is now online. Works can be reserved and purchased by following the link below...

A selection of works from the virtual exhibition

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