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Julia Easterling FROI RBA was a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and The Royal Society of British Artists.

She was elected Vice-President of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters in 1990 and a fellow in 1997.

She exhibited with the ROI and at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions, also with The New English Art Club, The Royal West of England Academy and The Royal Portrait Society.

She had several one-man shows in the UK and abroad.

Easterling was a four times finalist in The Hunting Group Award, 2nd in The Daler Rowney Painting Award and a Cornelisson Prize winner. She was also winner of the Laing Art Award, 3rd in 1979, 1st in 1985 and 2nd in 1990.

She won The John Adams Gallery Award, The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery Award in 1995 and was the winner of The Alan Gourley Memorial Prize for an outstanding work in 1994.

Her work is represented in many private collections in England, The United States and The Middle East.

Julia Easterling died in 2010

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