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Michael D'Aguilar (1922 - 2016)Show: Profile | Artworks

Michael D’Aguilar was born on the 11th May 1922 in London of Spanish parentage, brother of the artist Paul D’Aguilar. He spent much of his early life in Spain.

He studied at The Royal Academy Schools from 1948 – 1953 winning a variety of awards, including the Leverhulme Scholarship. He was a winner of the Royal Drawing Society’s Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals and the Armitage and Silver Medal at the Royal Academy.

He had successful one-man shows at the Temple Gallery in 1961, New Grafton Gallery in 1971, Southwell Brown Gallery in 1974, Bruton Street Gallery in 1995 and was represented in Bradford City Art Gallery.

Michael D'Aguilar died in 2016

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