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Sandra, born in 1942 in Cape Town, South Africa, was Vice President of the Small Paintings Group. She was taught privately by Zdiswas Ruszkowski and also attended the Slade School.

Her earliest studies were in the studio of her mother the artist Rhoda Pepys, through whom she is linked with that long direct master student chain which stretches back, (as Tom Phillips RA has traced), through Tonks, and Ingres, to Raphael.

She has always been interested in the particular challenges of producing small scale work in addition to large paintings, and small landscapes in particular, often done on the spot, or elaborated later in the studio, have always been a significant part of her work.

Sandra is also Chair of the Society of Landscape Painters, and for several years has been particularly inspired by the biodiversity of the landscapes created and conserved through organic and biodynamic farming.

Sandra Pepys is a retired member

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