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Victor Willis (1934 - 2004)Show: Profile | Artworks

• Educated at Dulwich College
• Camberwell College of Art, 1974
• City & Guilds, 1978
• Goldsmith’s College, 1985
• MA Fine Art, 1985

An appreciation from the catalogue of the Small Paintings Group exhibition at Piers Feetham Gallery in 2005...

"The work of Victor Willis is based in it’s entirety on his experiences and observations. He combines the ability and confidence to create sound and solid compositions with his genuine love of his subject matter. He is not complicated in style or approach in presenting his subject matter to his viewers.

Technically, the paintings are straightforward and confident in execution. It is indeed these very quailities that endear us to his work. His practical approach becomes obvious when looking at his paintings, whether landscape, seascape or still life, but finds direction for his most creative and provocative work in the series of paintings of night scenes in London, based in and around his beloved river Thames. It is difficult to see in today’s contemporary scene where this subject matter has been bettered.

These pictures are Victor at his best, his most confident and most vibrant and through these images they tell us more than any other that ‘I have arrived’. He will be terribly missed by all."

Melvyn Petterson, December 2004

Victor Willis died in 2004

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